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I am a mother, grandmother, in progress.


I am the mother of three wonderful adult children and the grandmother of three incredible and amazing granddaughters.
I have been artistic ever since I can remember. I have worked in several mediums over the course of my lifetime. My first adventure in college was studying fashion and clothing construction as well as visual merchandising. The second time around I studied fine art with sculpture as my main interest. My third time was so far from where I began that I can hardly believe it myself. I currently work in the medical field.
When you are a creative person, you can not go without creating for very long or you feel as though a huge, important part of you is missing. I am so looking forward to getting back in touch with that side of me that has been lying dormant far too long, and so begins my journey back to the artist in me that wants to come out to play.


I am interested in all things creative, art, antiques, sculpting, art dolls, decorating, jewelry making, millinery, knitting, fashion, shoes, biographies of interesting and extraordinary people.